Top 10 Megaphone Brands in Europe

Megaphone, also know as bullhorn speaker or loud hailer, is mainly used for sound projection and attention calling, widely used in public address, alarm, rescue, party and sporting applications. Based on customs import data, industry information and customer feedback, we list the top 10 megaphone brands in Europe, the brands are in random order for your reference


1. Brand: Monacor (Germany)


Description: MONACOR INTERNATIONAL offers a high quality and perfectly adapts products to their target groups. As a manufacturer and solution provider for PA technology, they provide B2B customers from the field of installation with individually designed concepts including products and service. Audio enthusiastic customers from retail rely on their convincing stage and event technology and the decades of experience associated with it. As an independent and owner-managed company, they are always very close to their customers and adapt to individual wishes and requirements continuously and flexibly.

Monacor mainly supply TM series megaphone, and mostly are high power megaphone, total eight models including TM10, TM11, TM17M, TM-25, TM-27, TM-35 and TM-45.


2. Brand: Vexus Audio (The Netherlands)

Owned by: Tronios BV

Description: The Tronios Group started decades ago as SkyTronic group (founded in 1998). By knowing the market and a technical advantage they quickly became one of the major players on the European market of consumer electronics.
Their brands Audizio, beamZ, Fenton, Skytec and Vonyx represent a strong and steady name in the sound & light industry. The Tronios Group is already active in 50+ countries, with a distribution network that supplies Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the entire European Union.

Vexus Audio manufacture quality speakers and portable PA systems, all at a very affordable price. Their range of megaphones and wireless microphones are also very popular and inexpensive, main models including MEG050, MEG065, MEG060, MEG040, MEG055 and MEG020.


3. Brand: Velleman (Belgium)

Owned by: Velleman group

Description: Velleman Group was founded by Koen Velleman in 1974 to produce electronic kits. With over 40 years of experience, their company is an established value in the development of electronic kits, instruments and modules and it markets an extensive range of consumer and do-it-yourself products. Today, Velleman Group nv is present in more than 80 countries with no less than 16,000 products, spread across 8 private brands and 50 A brands. Velleman wants to develop smart and exciting solutions and offer innovative electronic products and tools worldwide.

Vellman offer MP series megaphone with three models, MP45S, MP25SFM and MP10SR, power ranges from 10 watts to 45 watts.


4. Brand: Omnitronic(Germany)

Owned by: Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH

Description: Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH offers the whole range of event technology at fair prices. This is the promise they have kept for over 35 years. Their own development department and manufacturing as well as their German quality control are the foundation for customer satisfaction and their success. Building on these cornerstones, they are able to offer customer the best combination of high quality material with elaborate technology – at the best price. Together with their general managers Bernd Steinigke and Matthias Schwab, 170 team members are working in Waldbüttelbrunn. Among their customers are wholesale and retail companies, rental companies and club outfitters, event technicians, booth builders as well as towns and municipalities.

Omnitronic supplies five models of megaphones including MP-10, MP-15, MP-25, MP-18 and MP-5, power ranges from 5 watts to 25 watts.


5. Brand: Magikl (France)

Owned by: Magikl

Description: MAGIKL is a France company focus on innovative product, as a new company in the megaphone market, their megaphone gains great popularity and positive feedback on Amazon.

BD-130 is their advantage megaphone sells on Amazon, a red color 30W rechargeable megaphone, portable design and easy to use, till now it’s the best seller for megaphone range.


6. Brand: Croove

Owned by: Croove

Description: Croove manufacturers and distributors of the latest and greatest audio products. Their line ranges from high end amplified and portable mics to innovative high tech Bluetooth speakers. Their mission is to provide a great user experience combined with their promise to satisfy their clients with outstanding customer service..

Croove supplies one traditional battery powered megaphone, and mainly sells on Amazon, till now this model has gained more than 6000 positive reviews.


7. Brand: Nedis (The Netherlands)

Owned by: Nedis BV

Description:  Nedis has been leading the way in the consumer electronics market for over 40 years. They offer their partners a diverse and profitable range of electronic-related solutions for their customers, based on the latest technologies and innovations while embracing the latest trends. Their drive is to offer customers and clients products and solutions that provide a smart alternative to A brands.

Nedis mainly supplies MEPH series megaphones including MEPH160BU, MEPH2020WT, MEPH150WT and MEPH200WT, power ranges from 5 watts to 25 watts.


8. Brand: Thomann (Germany)

Owned by: Thomann GmbH

Description: Thomann GmbH was founded by Mr. Hans Thomann in 1954, for the Thomann family, music has always been a passion and a central pursuit in their lives.  With 1,500 employees and more than 15,900,000 customers, they are still an independent family-owned company. The shared passion for music is what connects them, and it characterizes the way they do things at Thomann.

Thomann offer two megaphones models M8 and M25, with 8 watts and 25 watts power, under 3 years warranty support.


9. Brand: Fonestar (Spain)


Description: The Spanish company FONESTAR was established as a small workshop producing tube radios, gramophone needles, cassette players, etc. It has gradually become a great brand with more than 100 employees and operating on five world continents. After more than 70 years of accumulated experience, it has its own production in Spain and Asia. FONESTAR focuses on the production of professional audio equipment, PA plumbing and telecommunications equipment and a wide range of consumer electronics. FONESTAR engineers are now designing installations for public and private buildings, airports, stadiums, racing tracks, etc.

Fonestar megaphone has seven models, including MF-111S, MF-114SU, MF-215S, MF-600SGU,MF-80,MF-80S and MF-95S, the power ranges from 10 watts to 25 watts.


10. Brand: SpeKa Professional (Germany)

Owned by: Conrad Electronic International GmbH & CoKG

Description: stands for technology and electronics made in Germany. And it’s not only in Germany where Conrad has become a household name. Currently, they ship to more than 210 countries across the planet. Their huge product range makes Conrad an increasingly popular choice for businesses and consumers alike.

SpeKa Professional mainly offers 6 megaphone models including ER66S, XB-7S, XB-11SR, JE-583 and CS-882, power ranges from 5 watts to 45 watts.

Except for above 10 brands, there are still many other megaphone brands in Europe. UM Audio has been focus on megaphone manufacturing and designing for more than 10 years, and supplied megaphone for some of above brands, if you have bulky quantity import demand, you can contact with UM Audio directly for megaphone import.