IR5000 Signal Trouble Shooting

During IR5000 usage, there were customer mentioned bad IR signal, below are several steps to check the cause:

• Both the built-in and separate IR receivers have reception sensitivity of around 10 metres with an aperture angle of 90 degrees. Range is also depend on the remote control used. The IR reception indication LED in the IR receiver will light up when it receives an IR signal.

• Check whether the power adapter is connected to the IR system module.

• Ensure that the IR receiver and the IR emitter cable are correctly connected and that these are plugged in properly.

• Try to avoid as many sources of disruption as possible, eg. direct sunlight, fluorescent lighting, energy-saving bulbs and similar, these may have a negative impact upon the effectiveness of the system.

• Some IR windows from set-top and satellite boxes are very sensitive and are easily disrupted, these devices then receive too much infrared light and will either work badly or not work at all, relocate the IR LED or IR blaster so that less infrared light is received via the IR window.