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General Application For IR Extender

IR Extender, or Infrared Repeater, also known as an IR relay or IR repeater, is a device allows you to use an existing IR remote control to operate the audio video components located behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinnet or equipment closet.

IR Extender Application- TV Box
TV box
IR Extender Application- Audio box
Video device
IR Extender Application- AV device
TV Cabinet
IR Extender Application- cabinet
AV Cabinet

Hot Selling Models

IR Extender model IR1000
IR Extender model IR2000
IR Extender model IR3000
IR Extender model IR5000
IR Extender model IR6000

Product Features

High Sensivity

Real time transmission without any delay with high sensitive sensor

Wide Frequency

Compatiable to almost all the audio video devices in the market

CFL Friendly

Stably works in most of the lighting evironment

Easy Installation

LED indication and easy to set up, mounting solution supported for easy installation

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Customer Feedback

Nice product. This package hade everything we needed. Actually it had way too much. I didn’t need all of the 4 dual emitters. Thanks to this company for not holding back and giving us installers all the part in one box. Any they all work.

Star Tech
This is the forth project we are working with Uma, thanks you guys did great work, very professional and fast-response service. The extender kit works perfectly and good price, we did pay three times higher cost to purchase locally... Looking forward further cooperation with uma.

Great product. I moved into a new home with a built-in entertainment center. All of my electronics are behind cabinet doors and as a result I was unable to remote control any of them. This IR Repeater not only enables remote control of all of my electronics but it does better than before when I had the doors open and had to point the remote control directly at each item.
Bernardo Dorfman
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IR Repeater, or Infrared Repeater, also known as an IR relay or IR extender, is a device allows you to use an existing IR remote control to operate the audio video components located behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinnet or equipment closet.

IR Repeater works by receiving the IR signals from the remote, converting and transmitting them over a wire to the hidden enclosure where the equipment is located. There the signals are converted back to IR signals, which are then blasted at the equipment.

There are three stages of the working:

Firstly it receives the IR signal from a remote control.

Secondly it converts the IR signal into an electrical signal or radio frequency and send through the devices.

Finally the signal received will be converted back into IR light that the equipments will recognize.

The process requires several different components to make it work, and they are usually packed together in what’s known as an Ir repeater kit.

Every IR signal has a distinct frequency, these frequencies are measured in kilohertz (kHz). There are two general frequency ranges that all devices use, these ranges are called bands. The first band includes the frequencies ranging from 33-43 kHz, while the second band ranges from 44-60 kHz. In order for you to be able to control your device (like the TV), your remote and TV must work on the same frequency.

Single band IR repeater: only compatible with one frequency, typically, single band frequencies are only 33-43 kHz which works with most DVD and Blu Ray Players.

Dual band IR repeater: dual band repeater works on both frequencies (33-43 kHz and 44-60 kHz), compatible to most of the AV devices.

Remember: If an IR repeater is not compatible with the frequencies, it will not pass the signal and you will not be able to control your device. Currently all UM Audio IR repeater is dual band repeater, it is compatible to most of the AV devices use.

A: Firstly place the IR repeater box on a flat surface in your entertainment cabinet or equipment closet.

B. Place the IR emitter on/by the IR window on the devices by peeling the adhesive tape and sticking, then connect the IR emitter cable to the repeater box.

C. Locate the IR receiver where the remote control signal can be received, and then connect the IR receiver cable to the repeater box.

D. Plug in power adapter and now you can control the devices that behind the closet or cabinet.

For detailed install instruction, please refer to the user manual that included in the UM Audio IR repeater package.

UM Audio mainly offers wired IR repeater, wireless IR repeater and accessories for IR repeater. For wired IR repeater, we have different types, customer can choose based on actual using environment. Also UM Audio welcomes OEM, we can design and manufacture the IR repeater according to our client’s request.

We offer 1 year warranty for our product.

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