IR Extender Kit IR2000



  • Transmits both 38 kHz and 56 kHz IR bands
  • High sensitivity and CFL friendly
  • Control AV components located behind closed doors
  • Easy setup, no tools needed
  • Includes 2 dual-output emitters
  • Emitters snap into a unique saddle for easy removal


Model: IR2000

Package Include
1×Hidden IR Repeater Box
1×IR Receiver
2×IR Emitter
1×Plug-in Power Supply

IR Module
Power supply: DC5V/500mA (supplied with product)
IR Input: 1×3.5mm jack connector, for standard IR receiver.
IR Emitter Output: 4×3.5mm jack connector, for standard IR emitter
IR Signal Indication: green indication LED
Power Indication: red indication LED
Dimension: 26×104×23mm

IR Receiver (IR-CV-3)
Frequency Range: 25-60KHz
IR Reception Range: ±10 meters
IR Reception Angle: 90º(+45º/-45º from center)
Cable Length: 1×2meters, extendable up to max 100 meters
Dimension: 29×14×25mm

IR Emitter (IR-EM-3)
Connection: 3.5m jack plug(mono)
IR LEDs: 2×IR emitter LEDs
Cable Length: 2 meters
Peak Forward Current: 100mA
Forward Voltage Max: 1.5V
Peak Wavelength: 940nm
Emitter Dimension: 19 x11x12mm

Power Adapter
Input: AC100-240V
Output: DC5V/500mA
DC Plug 5.5×2.1mm

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