What’s the Main Features of UM Audio IR Repeater

UM Audio, as a leading manufacturer of IR repeater with more than 6 years experience, guarantees each IR repeater is qualified and stable in performance. 

What’s the main features of UM Audio IR repeater?   

Imported IR Receiver Head: Different to market item, each UM Audio IR repeater applies with high quality imported sensor, wide frequency range and more stable performance than normal product.  

High Sensitivity: Real time transmission without any delay with the high sensitivity sensor.

CFL Friendly: Can be installed in an area with compact fluorescent lighting and work in most lighting environments.

Remote Indication Light on IR receiver: LED indication for different status and easy for user to identify. 

Broadband Remote Control: Compatible with almost all the electronics appliances in the market with wide frequency range.

Size: Small & solid design, with mounting solution for easy installation. 

Low Power Consumption: Ranges from 5V to 12V, safe and low power consumption.