Top 10 Megaphone Brands in USA and Canada

Megaphone, also know as bullhorn speaker or loud hailer, is mainly used for sound projection and attention calling, widely used in public address, alarm, rescue, party and sporting applications. According to research, USA and Canada are the largest market for megaphone use in the world. Based on customs import data, industry information and customer feedback, we list the top 10 megaphone brands in USA and Canada, the brands are in random order for your reference.

01. Pyle 

Owned by: Sound Around, Inc.

Pyle was established in the 1960s as a top manufacturer of high-quality progressive audio equipment, their driver and original speaker became very popular around the United States, after expanding their market, they started manufacturing car audio, home audio, marine audio, and professional audio & musical instrument, megaphone is one of their top-rated product. Their megaphones include unique multi-function which helps to use in various ways.

Pyle megaphone is currently the most popular megaphone brand in the USA and worldwide, they offer more than 20 models of megaphones, and users can easily buy online or from stores.


Owned by: Thunder Power Megaphones

ThunderPower megaphones have gained prominence for quality and power on the market. It is one of the top 10 megaphone brands in USA and Canada. In the race of power, no one can beat the thunder power megaphone. Their hard-working technicians continuously improve their products by reaching their customer’s needs. They have supplied megaphones to schools, armies, and organizations.

Thunder Power has five models including ThunderPower 120, 150, 250,450 and 1200, power starting from 15w to 45W, customer can buy directly from heir official website. 


Owned by: Nielsen-Kellerman Co.

Nielsen-Kellerman Company designs, manufactures, and distributes rugged, waterproof environmental and sports performance instruments for active lifestyles and technical applications, including all-weather meters and megaphones.

The Blue Ocean is the world’s most rugged megaphone, built to defy water damage, sinking, corrosion, cracking, and splitting. Use for up to a full day on a single charge. For multi-purpose use, the blue ocean is the best choice there. The Blue Ocean is the perfect choice if you want to use your megaphone in stormy weather.


Owned by: AmpliVox Sound Systems

AmpliVox Sound Systems is a leading U.S. manufacturer of portable sound systems, lecterns, and multimedia workstations. Their goal is to provide top quality professional presentation equipment that sets up easily, delivers perfect performance, and stands the test of time for reliability and durability. Many businesses and organizations choose AmpliVox as their portable audio and presentation solution.

AmpliVox mainly supply S series megaphones with five models, the power ranges from 20W to 25W, and they have the new Piezo Dynamic Technology making the megaphone lighter and louder than regular types.

05. Champion Sports

Owned by: Champion Sports

For over 58 years, Champion Sports has been the most confided-in hotspot for excellent games, wellness, and training gear. Convey more than 2,000 items custom-made for the group and individual athletic market, wellness lovers, actual training programs, and the instructive market. Their long line of experience in this work made them perfect for their customer.

They mainly supply megaphones from 4W to 20W, with six megaphone models, especially models MP6W and MP8W with transparent horn part design, are new and attractive for some users.

06. Fanon (Canada)

Owned by: Fanon Sound Products

For 50 years, Fanon Sound Products has furnished Canada and the world with top-notch megaphones and pleasing frills at a sensible expense. Fanon is a deep-rooted brand that offers a complete line of top-quality items — notable for its megaphone, remote radios, enhancers, and speakers. Their amplifier product offering fluctuates in size and ability to guarantee that sound and voice projection needs are met. Fanon megaphones are well known for their fantastic mechanism. The megaphone provides variable volume control, which comes in handy on different occasions.

They supplies the M.P. series megaphone with eight models, including MP-20S, MP-610S,MP-820S,MV10S, MV1620S,MV16S,MV2025S,MV6S, gives 300-1000 yards transmission range.

07. Martin Sports

Owned by: Martin Sports Inc

Martin Sport is a leading manufacturer and importer of quality sports equipment & apparel for over 43 years, their products mainly include athletic apparel, balls, rucksacks, and gear…

Martin Sports mainly supply T.M. series megaphone, TM700, TM850, and TM1000, from 8W to 50W, widely used for sporting application.


Owned by: Speco Technologies,

Speco Technologies has dedicated themselves to providing the latest innovations in video surveillance and electronic accessories, as well as the highest quality audio products for residential and commercial use. They are aiming to provide affordable, dependable merchandise, delivering exceptional customer service, and offering extensive product training, technical and marketing support.

Speco provides E.R. series megaphones with 3 models, and in 16 watts power, it’s the traditional type megaphone used in the USA.

09. Technical Pro

Owned by: Technical Pro

Technical Pro started business form a electronic store in 1971, and gradually expanded their business into professional audio, their featured product mainly include Bluetooth headphone, pro tower speaker, stage speaker…

They mainly supply there models of the megaphone, with power ranging from 20W to 50W.


Owned by: 5core Inc.

5Core is being dedicated to manufacturing as well as exporting of wide range of electronic premium products like home appliances, public address systems, car speakers, woofers, amplifiers, bass tubes & tweeters, home theaters, computers speakers, personal speaker system, headphones and earphones… They have their own production workshop in India.

5 Core provides mor than 15 models of megaphones, portable one also the powerful one, users can have a wide choice based on their shape, power and function.

Except for above 10 brands, there are still many other megaphone brands in the market. As customs data shows 95% of the megaphones in USA and Canada market are import from China. UM Audio has been focus on megaphone manufacturing and designing for more than 10 years, and supplied megaphone for some of above brands, if you have bulky quantity import demand, you can contact with UM Audio directly for megaphone import.