How to Select the Best IR Extender?

Do you always find it difficult controlling your audio video devices located in your cabinet or situated in another room? Worry no more, as the Infrared extender is capable of resolving these inconsistencies.

Infrared extender, also known as IR extender or IR repeater, is smart devices that enable users to have adequate control of their audio video devices located behind the cabinet.  Below are some vital tips on how to pick the right IR extender suitable for your device out of the wide range of IR extenders available in the market.

Get to know the number of devices that need to be controlled.

Before choosing an IR retender, you need to know the number of devices you wish to control. If you have just one TV box in the cabinet, then a simple single IR emitter and receiver kit would be ideal. Families with excellent home theater systems comprising of one or more DVDs and VCDs should opt for multiple port IR extender system.

Each IR emitter head works with one A/V device with the product package displaying the IR emitter quantity. For instance, the UM Audio model IR2000 has 5 IR emitter ports which make use of a dual head IR emitter cable. This means that a maximum of 10 devices can be controlled using this IR extender kit.

Always remember that a single IR emitter and receiver only works with a device. 

Confirm the IR extender works with your device.

Over the years, we have some users complain of the inability of the IR extender to function correctly after installation, which is generally owing to the incompatibility of the remote control’s frequency.

Every IR signal has a distinct frequency; these frequencies are measured in kilohertz (kHz) and are known as bands. There are two general frequency bands used by all devices.,. The first band includes frequencies ranging from 33-43 kHz, while the second band ranges from 44-60 kHz. To have adequate control of your device (like the TV), your remote and TV must work on the same frequency.

Single band IR repeater: this is only compatible with one frequency. Single-band frequencies are usually with the range of 33-43 kHz which works with most DVD and Blu Ray Players.

Dual-band IR repeater: dual band repeater works on both frequencies (33-43 kHz and 44-60 kHz), and is compatible with most AV devices.

Remember to check the frequency to confirm the extender works with your devices.

Knowing the control distance you need.

Currently, there are varieties of wired IR extender and wireless IR extender, and knowing the difference helps to avoid extra and unnecessary cost.

For a usual wired IR extender, the actual control distance between your remote and device is around 5-15M, which is generally enough for basic home application use. However, if the device is located in another room or floor and you still wish to have adequate control, using the existing remote, then the latest wireless IR extender will help you attain an effective control distance of 50-60M.

The wireless model is more expensive than the wired model, and you should consider this before making your purchase.

UM Audio specializes in the manufacture and design of IR extender with more than 7 years’ experience. We aim to provide the best quality IR extenders at affordable prices. All our IR sensor are imported, and branded, with high sensitivity and a wide frequency range. Please visit for more details or simply check with our sales representative and we will recommend our most suitable item for you.