Top 10 Best IR Repeater in 2018 Reviews

Infrared repeaters are a great addition to any home audio visual area. Wireless range extenders eliminate the clutter of wires and devices and allow the clutter of cable boxes, receivers and other television and stereo components to be hidden from view. Good range extenders will allow the user to change stations and control volumes through cabinets that keep the mess of bulky components and wires hidden from view. The best range extenders can control multiple hidden audio/visual components from a long range and even from another room. Following are the top 10 best infrared repeaters available.

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#1. BAFX Products IR Repeater, Best Infrared Repeater

One of the best infrared repeaters is the BAFX Products IR Repeater. It controls up to 8 devices, and with an expander, can control up to 12 devices. It works with a standard USB cord and comes with a distribution block, an IR receiver and4 dual IR emitters to control 8 devices. The IR repeater is one of the easiest to install and is made with quality. It works well to signal devices through cabinetry and has a long range capacity. This IR Repeater is one of the best and most affordable extenders.

#2. Next Generation Remote Control Extender

Next Generation’s Remote Control Extender has several assets. Although more expensive than some other IR devices, it has an incredible range and works extremely well. It works up to 100 feet away from the components that it controls. It has a unique RF battery transmitter, comes with special 2/3 batteries and a rechargeable base station and emits 433.92 MHz. The only downside is that it does not work with some newer Direct TV receivers.

#3.X10 Powermid PM5900 Remote Control Extender Kit

The sleekly designed Powermid Remote Control Extender made by X10 is easy to install and works with a good range. It transmits from up to 100 feet and will transmit through walls so it can be used in an adjoining room. It is a bit more expensive than some IR extenders but it is easy to install, works well and looks good. It has an optimal extender cable so the receiver can be placed out of sight behind the devices it controls.

#4.Sewell Direct SW-30458 Blast R Pro

Sewell Direct’s Blast R Pro IR wireless range extender is simple to use and works with up to 4 devices. An separate expander will allow the IR repeater to work with up to 12 devices. The 9 foot long cable makes installation easy. The dual band support allows the device to be very strong and work well on more devices. The quality IR repeater comes with a distribution box, mini receiver and 4 dual IR emitters with an ACDC adapter.

#5. Nextronias IR Infrared Remote Extender Repeater SX

The IR Infrared Remote Extender Repeater SX by Nextronias has an extra long 25 foot cable to connect the receiver to the emitter. It is relatively inexpensive yet works well. It has a 5 V USB connection and comes with easy to follow instructions with a video. It is compatible to most devices except for Uverse products.

#6.Monoprice Dual Band IR Repeater

Monoprice’s Dual Band IR Repeater is one of the few IR repeaters that works with a Comcast cable box. Although a bit more expensive than some other IR extenders, the repeater is quality made and works well with most devices. The dualband signal range is 30-60 KHz. It comes with a receiver that transmits signals to max 8 devices and alsocomes with a 3 foot cord.

#7. ReFaXi IR Hidden Infrared Remote Extender System

The ReFaXi IR Remote System works well between 2 rooms and is not expensive. It is a small device that comes with a self-adhesive and can be hidden from view. It controls most home theater components and has a 30-60 KHz operating range. It comes with a head line, receiver and emitter as well as a cable and power adapter.

#8. Arrela Infrared Extender Repeater

Inexpensive and easy to install and use, Arrela’s Infrared Extender Repeater allows control of many types of audio/visual components. Although it does not control all cable boxes, it is useful to control audio/visual devices. It works with a 35-60 KHz operating range. It comes with a head line, receiver and an emitter as well as a 5V USB AC power adapter.

#9. Monoprice 109194 Wireless Dual Band IR Remote

This dual band IR extender works up to 328 feet and supports 30-60 KHz signals. It is a bit more expensive than some other IR repeaters but works well with up to 3 components. It does not work with all cable boxes but is easy to install and easy to use.

#10.Bokit IR Repeater Remote Control Extender Kit

Bokit’s IR extender system works on up to 8 devices and is moderately priced. The dual band infrared emitters work well and expanders can be purchased separately to use on up more devices. This kit comes with a distribution block, receiver, standard plug and 4 emitters that work on up to 8 components. The fact that the IR repeater will work with many devices is good although it is not quite as strong as some of the other IR repeaters.

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