Where to Buy Megaphone

Megaphones are the best instruments when it comes to directing or amplifying volume. The sizeable conical device enables strong sound or voice reinforcement which makes it ideal for small or huge audiences depending on your purpose. Unfortunately or fortunately, Megaphones are essential in amplifying sound amongst crowds to make your volume prominent. Depending on the shape, size, and arc of a megaphone, you can choose the best kind of megaphone for your use and purpose.

Pre-purchase Lookouts

Before you get into the complexities of where you can get a megaphone, it is essential to understand the various aspects involved in purchasing the right megaphone. All megaphones may serve a similar purpose. However, different megaphones can be classified by the following aspects:

Different Designs or features

Megaphones may vary based on their design and features. Different megaphones come with different features that can help fulfill various needs, for example, megaphone with siren, megaphone with mic, megaphone with handle, megaphone with rechargeable battery, megaphone with aux input, megaphone with voice changer, megaphone with recorder function… Determining the needs, you aim to fulfill using a megaphone is essential in purchasing the right megaphone.

 – Microphone

Heavy megaphones come with detachable microphones. You can amplify your voice by only holding the microphone while the megaphone stays stationary at a fixed position.

 – Siren

Sirens enable a user to grab their audience’s attention. You are just a button away from grabbing the crowd’s attention from short to long tunes on a loop.

 – Aux input

An auxiliary input may be necessary if you use your megaphone as a loudspeaker. Having an aux input allows you to plug any other device into your megaphone, making it a multi-purpose instrument or tool.

 – Recorder

Megaphones can be used to offer repetitive instructions or directions to your audience. In such cases, having a megaphone designed with a recorder and play function is ideal for you.

 – Rechargeable battery

If a megaphone has a rechargeable battery, you do not have to worry about always connecting it to a power supply. Considering a megaphone that consumes a battery at a steady rate may be wise when purchasing a megaphone.

Different Functions

Megaphones can serve differently in different situations. Purchasing the right megaphone considers the purpose and function expected from the megaphone. A megaphone can be used in multiple situations and circumstances:

For car use or traveling

For directing within schools

For camps or coaching

For parenting (within parks or a garden)

For protesting

For lifeguarding or training

For cheering

For games or directing  within parties or events

Where can I get the right megaphone from?

The venue or market to purchase a megaphone depends on the number of megaphones you intend to purchase. Although megaphones are available on multiple platforms or marketplaces, the quantity of megaphones to be purchased determines the most efficient and user-friendly marketplace. From large exporters to convenient stores and online suppliers, we have listed down the best places for you to choose and buy the right megaphone.

A. Import from main suppliers

Suppose you want to purchase megaphones in bulk quantity, China’s ideal market for you. China is the leading producer for the manufacturing of megaphones. Prominent manufacturers and production hubs are mainly located within Ningbo and Hangzhou, near Shanghai port. Importing bulks from leading international suppliers may lower costs per piece or megaphone.

B. Stores nearby

If you need a single megaphone or megaphones in a small quantity, international importers aren’t suitable for you. The local market is the best option for you. We have mentioned a few convenient stores where you can find a megaphone below:

 – Supermarket

Most supermarkets have mini megaphones or toy megaphones available. If you want to purchase a megaphone for a single event or one-time personal use, these megaphones will do the job for you. A supermarket does not usually have a wide variety of megaphones. They might have a single type.

 – Sporting product store

Although a sports store may sell more sports-related products (balls, sports accessories, or gym items), you can find a high-power professional megaphone in a sports product store. However, a sports shop is not likely to have a variety of megaphones since megaphones are not significant sports products. A sports product store may only have 1 to 2 types of professional megaphones which does not leave you with a lot of choices.

 – Musical Instrument store

If you need to buy a professional megaphone with specific features and designs, the best local store is a musical instrument store. From small megaphones to professional models, most types of megaphones are available within a local musical instrument store.

C. Online stores

Online stores are the best option if you’re looking for the easiest way to buy a megaphone. You can easily find any megaphone you want, from comparing models to finding various sellers without having to visit the store physically.

Tips for picking and finding the right megaphone

Megaphones containing a recorder are considered ideal megaphones. With recording and playback options, such megaphones are ideal for repeating instructions or any sound that may be needed to be played on loop.


Different megaphones come with different batteries. Checking if the megaphone has an in-built or rechargeable battery may save you from purchasing a separate type C or type D battery. With an in-built or rechargeable battery, you need to charge the megaphone when the power is running out.


A critical element of a megaphone is the power of a megaphone. Megaphones are available from 5W to 50W. 5W megaphones are small megaphones ideal for children’s parties or use. Megaphones of 30W are usually suitable for indoor activities or small groups that do not cover a large area or distance. For covering a longer distance or public activities that contain large groups of people, megaphones of 40W to 50W are the best choice.


Although megaphones may serve a similar purpose, knowing what you expect from your megaphone is essential. From a USB port or an auxiliary input to a siren or detachable microphone, purchasing the right megaphone will include all the features you want to use within a megaphone.