UM Audio Launches New 80W Handheld Megaphone

In this summer, UM Audio launches new 80W handheld megaphone, the model number is UM3001L, different to traditional megaphone models, we have applied some new features for this product:

Colorful Design. The horn part is white color combined with grey color rubber ring, back part with white, black, orange and dark blue four colors, black back panel with black microphone, makes the product more attractive, specially the ergonomic handle is made of 2 colors, this gives more difficulty during the assembly process.

Easy Attach Microphone. For the traditional 50W megaphone models, the detachable microphone is sometimes not easy to attach or fix, for UM3001L, we have improved this and now the microphone is very convenient to take out and fix back.

Multiple Siren Sound. To meet customer alarm sound requirement, we have added multiple alarm sound for this model, except the siren and whistle sound, there are ambulance sound, air defense warning sound, bus horn sounding, barking sound, artillery sound and gun shooting sound, user can simply press the button to activate for different application need.

Button Position. To make the product looks more tidy, we have moved the function switch to the bottom of the back horn part, also it’s more convenient for the user to operate during use.   

Product main function:

Talk: speak close to the microphone to amplify your sound.

Record: 120 seconds recording time.

Playback: Allows you to play the recorded sounding repeatly.

Volume Adjust: simply press the button to adjust volume to desired level.

Alarm: total 8 alarm soundings, press the corresponding button to start.

USB: insert the USB-disk to play the music or sounding when needed.

SD: insert the SD card to play the music or sound when needed

AUX: connect your audio device via 3.5mm AUX cable to play music or sound.

Shoulder Strap: hang the megaphone and just take the microphone for easy carrying.



Product size: Ø230 x L350mm

Power: max 80W

Power supply: 8x C battery, 12V lithium rechargeable battery pack or 12V car input

Usage time: about 5~8 hours

Sound range: up to 1600m in open place


If you have any interest for sample testing or more information, please feel free to contact us.