UM3001L Powerful Handheld Megaphone



High-Powered  Digital Solution 

Compact & Portable PA Speaker

Ergonomic Grip Design

Wired Handheld Microphone for Voice Projection

Multiple Siren Alarm mode

Adjustable Volume Control

120 Seconds Recording


Model: UM3001L
Main Material: ABS
Product Dimension: Ø230 x L350mm
Power: Max 80W
Power Supply: 8 x C battery or 12V lithium battery (not included)
Battery Life: Normal use to up 8 hours
Reach: Outdoor up to 1600m
Function: Talk, Siren, Whistle, Record,Volume Adjust
Record Time:120 seconds
Extra Input: 1xUSB, 1x MMC, 1x AUX
Bluetooth: /

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